Amsterdam Dance Event 2023: An Ultimate Guide to the World’s Premier Electronic Music Festival

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2023

The Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 (ADE 2023) is set to be the world’s largest club-based gathering and conference dedicated to electronic music. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the details you need to navigate this incredible event.

I. Event Overview

The Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 is an awe-inspiring five-day celebration of electronic music that has been a must-attend event for music enthusiasts across the globe since 1996. As the event continues to evolve each year, it’s known for its record-breaking numbers, attracting visitors from over 90 countries and featuring over 2,500 artists and 550 speakers in more than 160 venues.

II. History of Amsterdam Dance Event

ADE began in 1996 as a three-day conference attended by 300 delegates and 30 DJs performing. The conference was initially held at De Balie, while the nighttime shows were held in three venues: Paradiso, Melkweg and Club Escape. The event has since grown exponentially, becoming a five-day extravaganza due to the increasing number of ‘afters’ events on Sunday.

Amsterdam Dance Event presents: DANCE IS A RAVE-OLUTION

III. ADE 2023: What to Expect

ADE 2023 is an unforgettable blend of conferences, music hardware presentations, art exhibitions, film screenings, and interactive talk shows. The event is spread across multiple venues, transforming Amsterdam into a bustling hub of electronic music culture.

III.I. ADE Pro: Mastering Digital Music Platforms

ADE Pro offers a series of ‘Essential Insider Knowledge’ sessions aimed at helping artists and music professionals optimize their use of digital music platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify. These sessions offer insights into the latest trends, tools, and techniques that can help artists thrive in the digital space.

III.I.I TikTok: The Keynote

The TikTok session will be led by the Global Head of Music, Ole Obermann, who will unravel the secrets of the platform that offers artists the greatest potential to go viral.

III.I.II YouTube & YouTube Music: Mastering Growth

The YouTube session will be led by Mathieu Rousselot, the Head of Music Business Development & Partnerships EMEA at YouTube Music, and Coen Calkhoven, the Marketing & YouTube Manager of STMPD RCRDS. They will offer a comprehensive guide to understanding the ever-evolving landscape of streaming and content.

III.I.III Spotify: Unlocking Success Independently

The Spotify session will guide artists through the platform’s enigma of opportunities and show the enormous potential for growth. The session will offer hands-on tools that will help artists get the most out of the streaming platform.

III.II. ADE Festival: A Music Lover’s Paradise

The ADE Festival features more than 300 events and 2,000 DJs over five days in 80 clubs and venues across Amsterdam. The program features a mix of the biggest artists on the planet, fresh, upcoming talent, and everything in between.

III.III. ADE Playground: The Ultimate Dance Experience

The ADE Playground is a unique, dance-related lifestyle program offering five days of entertainment at 25 creative hotspots around the city. The playground includes film screenings, music hardware presentations, art shows and exhibitions, exclusive fashion offers, interactive talk shows, promotional activities, and pop-up musical performances.

IV. Planning Your Trip to ADE 2023

Planning your trip to the Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 is easy with these steps:

  1. Visit the official website to check the event dates, prices, and regulations.
  2. Look for hotels in Amsterdam available during the event.
  3. Use filters to adjust your search based on location, price, guest numbers, and dates.
  4. Compare prices across multiple hotel booking websites to get the best deal.
  5. If hotel rooms are not available around the event location, you can search for accommodations in nearby cities or towns.
  6. Check out the experiences search to find great tours and activities to enjoy during your stay.

V. Conclusion

The Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 is more than just a music festival; it’s a unique experience that brings together artists, music professionals, and enthusiasts from across the globe. With its wide array of events, activities, and performances, ADE 2023 promises to be an event you won’t want to miss.


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