Weekly Music Recap 27/2019: Deutsche Poeten / Los Straitjackets – ‘The Fishin’ Hole’

Less-known German artists are at the center of the playlist of the week. And as a counterweight, the song of the week offers a decent portion of twang.


Playlist of the Week: Deutsche Poeten

All Klangspot playlists are updated. Playlist of the week: Deutsche Poeten. Current followers at Spotify: 912 | Beside Spotify you can also enjoy the playlist on Napster, Deezer, YouTube and Soundcloud. | The new tracks this week are: MELE (eisamstiel), Nick March (Honigkuchenpferde), Batomae (Niemand ist wie Du), Zug nach Wien (Raketenstart),VIVIEN, MONRATH (Alles und mehr), Voyce (Alles was wir brauchen) and Julian le Play (Millionär). I chose this playlist because this week I discovered fantastic tracks by some less-known artists. These artists deserve to be in focus. Keep up the good work!


Song of the Week: Los Straitjackets – ‘The Fishin’ Hole (Theme From the Andy Griffith Show)’

What is there to say about the Los Straitjackes? In my opinion, they are the best instrumental rock band in the world. Their music likes to be in the surf rock genre. But I think that’s not quite right. Surely, the fan base of surf rock and instrumental rock is identical. But the typical surf themes are rarely content of their songs. Wave noise is hard to find and with the use of reverb they hold back. What I like about you? First and foremost the high level at which they play. In addition, they do not take themselves so seriously and their music ALWAYS spread good mood.

By the way, I had the pleasure of seeing Eddie Angel and his band The Neanderthals live in Stuttgart as opening act of the legendary The Trashmen. Why do I mention that? From The Neanderthals comes one of my favorite cover versions ever: Space Oddity, originally written and recorded by David Bowie. You really have to listen to this version.

But let’s get back to the actual song of the week. You can find ‘The Fishin’ Hole (Theme From the Andy Griffith Show)’ on the Surf Raider playlist.


As there’s no official video, but you absolutely have to see the Los Straitjackets in action, here is another video from an equally ingenious song:

Los Straitjackets - Crime Scene

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