Weekly Music Recap 51/19: Thank You
Weekly Music Recap 51/19: Thank You

Weekly Music Recap 51/19: Thank You

Of course there is a playlist of the week, but I also want to say THANK YOU at the end of the year.


While writing the first sentence I noticed that I wrote something similar last week. Unfortunately the occasion last week to say thank you was not so nice. Well, I think you can’t thank enough people who support you. And also to people with whom it is simply nice to spend time together. I don’t want to list them all here and bore the majority of the readership with them. There are so many people, like my loyal listeners & followers or the artists, who say thank you for playlist placements with a social share. But a few people simply have to be named.

Outside of the music world it’s definitely my wife who supports me with patience and believes in me. We both know music takes up a lot of time in my life. Thank you very much for your outstanding support!

I also got to get to know a lot of great people this year. Many thanks to the person (I don’t know if he wants to be named) who arranged the fantastic playlist takeovers with Solee, Township Rebellion, Stil & Bense and last but not least Ben Böhmer. Those were really great experiences. Many thanks also to the artists themselves. It’s wonderful if collaboration works so uncomplicated.

Unfortunately I can’t avoid mentioning again at this point that as an indie playlist curator you don’t earn a pence. There is no participation in royalties, a commission for many followers or all the other speculations I have heard. So I can’t say enough THANKS to my supporters on Patreon. You help me to cover at least part of my costs.

And – no, I won’t forget you – the crazy guys of the ‘FRIENDLY DIGITAL GROUP‘. We had a lot of fun together (even if only virtually so far), we learned a lot from each other and support each other. Hopefully it will come to a meeting soon.


Melodic Techno & Instrumental House

Now let’s get to the playlist of the week. There is no doubt that ‘Melodic Techno & Instrumental House‘ is my Spotify playlist of the week. The Ben Böhmer playlist takeover is one of my personal highlights this year. For more information about this special, please read this article. Besides Ben’s great selection of instrumental tracks, this week’s playlist features new music from Einmusik, Monkey Safari, Budakid (respectively Hicky & Kalo as remixer), Loco & Jam and The Dualz.



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