Lane 8 has released his new album and once again takes us away into wonderful soundspheres.


Lane 8 & Arctic Lake – Road

Here it is: The new Lane 8 album. I guess you can be excited about that. I know I am 🙂 Lane 8 is on my playlists regularly. And not just because it’s my personal taste. His music is so multi-layered and multi-faceted that it will probably thrill every Deep House fan and also fits on several Klangspot playlists. As song of the week I chose ‘Road‘, which I placed at the top of the ‘Deep House & Melodic Techno‘ playlist.

Road‘ is a very thoughtful song. It paints a picture with sounds and words of a person who stands on the street at night and thinks about the meaning of his life. I’m sure many people feel like that. Besides ‘Don’t Let Me Go‘ it is one of two tracks on the album where Arctic Lake is involved.

As I said before, ‘Road’ is part of the ‘Deep House & Melodic Techno’ playlist. Beside Spotify you can also enjoy the playlist on Napster, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, Qobuz and Soundcloud. Furthermore ‘Howling Hand‘ can be heard on the Melodic Techno & Instrumental House‘ and ‘Groundhog Day‘ on the ‘Deep & Soulful Chill Beats‘.





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