Track of the Week 13/20: Jonas Rathsman – Cosmos

This year, some of us won’t be able to go on vacation. But I have great news: Jonas Rathsman brings the vacation feeling right into our living rooms. ?

Track of the Week 12/20: Teho – Irani (Joris Delacroix Remix)

What does it take to turn a great track into a great remix? Very simple: Two great artists and one great track. Vive La France!

Tracks of the Week 11/20: Nils Hoffmann – 1.16699016 x 10^-8 hertz & Once in a Blue Moon

Sounds like repetition, but it’ s only partially. I’m gonna start searching for the blue moon again. Will you join me on the quest?

Track of the Week 10/20: Rudosa – Dominance

New design, clear direction. For Klangspot, a new era begins. And Rudosa provides the perfect soundtrack. Thanks a lot!

Weekly Music Recap 09/20: Agoria & Blasé – Wish Me Luck

Movie soundtracks are boring. They contain soundscapes and confusing noises that make no sense without visuals. Really? Not if Agoria is involved.

Weekly Music Recap 08/20: Drauf & Dran meets Rich Vom Dorf – Gimme Something

A track that makes it onto several Klangspot playlists straight away? That doesn’t happen often. But in this case I didn’t have a choice.