Track of the Week 19/20: BT – Remember (Space Motion Remix)

New interpretations of older tracks are exciting. Either they are embarrassing or ingenious. You don’t have to be very clever to guess that the Track of the Week belongs to the second kind, of course.

Track of the Week 18/20: Stil & Bense – 1000 rote Ampeln

I love when artists end up on playlists which I normally see somewhere else. Welcome Stil & Bense to the relaxed world of electronic music.

Track of the Week 17/20: Joris Delacroix – Stay

Are you HUNGRY for MUSIC? Then STAY at home and listen to the track of the week.

Track of the Week 16/20: Lexer – Death Up Close (Mollono.Bass & Marc Vogler Remix)

The track of the week suggests an ease that we sadly miss in times of Corona. Many thanks to Lexer, Mollono.Bass & Marc Vogler.

Track of the Week 15/20: Ben Böhmer & Fritz Kalkbrenner – Rye

Two takeover, in my Spotify Wrapped 2019 right on top of the list and playlisted half the year. Somehow this track belongs to Klangspot.

Track of the Week 14/20: Alyne – Human Virus

It’s fascinating. Sometimes tracks fall into a time when they are interpreted completely different than they were originally intended to be. This is also the case with the Klangspot track of the week.