Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped: Klangspot’s Year in Review

2020 – actually a year to forget. Wouldn’t there be a lot of great music that helped us through the crisis… Probably all social media networks, especially Instagram, are currently flooded by Spotify 2020 Wrapped posts. Anyway, I’ll play along.

A New Way for Spotify Playlist Submission

Starting today there is a new way to submit tracks for Klangspot Spotify playlists. Playlist submission is now even simpler!

Spotify, please improve your Release Radar!

Release Radar is the playlist I look forward to every Friday. But it’s getting more and more diluted by Spotify.

Less Records: Spotify Playlist Exchange für Indie Artists

Vor ein paar Tagen bin ich auf eine Seite gestoßen, die ich euch nicht vorenthalten möchte. Less Records…

Gemeinsame Playlists Spotify – Weshalb das System so nicht funktioniert

Mit den sogenannten Collaborative Playlists bietet Spotify die Möglichkeit, mit anderen Nutzern zusammen Playlisten zu erstellen. Aber…