Weekly Music Recap | Week 23/2019: Instrumental Surf Rock Mix / Liam Gallagher – ‘Shockwave’

London or Hawaii? Reverbed guitar soundscapes or solid rock music from good old England? You can have both this week. Check it out!

Weekly Music Recap | Week 22/2019: Relaxing Lounge Beats / Booka Shade – ‘The Unseen’

Summer, Sun, Electro! Consistent with the warmer temperatures this weekend, here’s the perfect chilled electro soundtrack.

Weekly Music Recap | Week 21/2019: Indie Folk Rising / Vanilla Waves – ‘Belltower Baby’

It’s time for guitars, campfire and canned beer. Indie Folk and Alt-Country are my favourites this week.

Weekly Music Recap | Week 20/2019: Minimal Electro Beats / Johannes Oerding – ‘An guten Tagen’

Playlist and song of the week couldn’t be more diverse in the musical sense. Check out why I choosed Minimal Electro Beats and a singer- songwriter.