Weekly Music Recap 46/19: Charlotte de Witte – Selected (Techno Complex)

Not for the faint hearted: Charlotte rushes with 133 bpm and very nice acid vibes to the top of the Techno Complex.

Weekly Music Recap 45/19: Hammock – When It Hurts To Remember (Outer Space)

Autumn is a beautiful season. The fog covers the land and Hammock puts wonderful soundscapes on our ears. It’s ambient time!

Weekly Music Recap 44/19: Dennis Cruz – Better Than Pussy (Minimal Infusions)

Often less would be more. Yes, our world needs more minimalism. After all, Dennis Cruz knows how to put this into music.

Weekly Music Recap 43/19: Fritz Kalkbrenner – Kings & Queens (Ruede Hagelstein’s From The Other Side Of Town Remix)

What? Fritz Kalkbrenner again? Yes, absolutely. But this time he won’t come alone. It’s remix time with Ruede Hagelstein!