A New Way for Spotify Playlist Submission
Klangspot Spotify Playlist Submission

A New Way for Spotify Playlist Submission

Starting today there is a new way to submit tracks for Klangspot Spotify playlists. Playlist submission is now even simpler!


Spotify playlist submission through social sharing

Besides the well known playlist submission form and Patreon there is now a third possibility to submit tracks. Via social sharing unsigned and signed artists can submit tracks for Klangspot playlists. The process works via Facebook or Instagram and is very easy:

  • Share the Klangspot playlist from your artist account on Facebook or Instagram as story/post on which you would like to place your track.
  • Note the track you would like to submit in the story/post.
  • Don’t forget to tag the Klangspot Facebook or Instagram account, so I will be notified as well.

Fast, simple, effective. As with the submission by form and Patreon, this way is no guarantee for a placement. But you have the guarantee that I definitely listen to the track!


I would like to lend this post to draw attention to something. The above channels are the only way to submit tracks for Klangspot playlists. Direct messages via social media will be deleted immediately. Furthermore, my mail address is sold by dubious individuals in playlist curator directories. This happens without my permission! The mails will be deleted immediately. Please complain to the criminals who sold you this possibility of submission. I recommend you to ask for a refund.

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